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Group visits

Note: group visits with people who do not come from your household are temporarily unfortunately not possible. Read more here.

Visit Museum MORE | Ruurlo Castle as a group or would you like to come by bus? Then that is possible. In the adjacent parking lot next to Oranjerie Ruurlo (Navigation address: Stapeldijk 1, Ruurlo) there is an opportunity to park the cars for free or to get off the tour bus.

You can also choose to have your group guided by a professional guide who will tell you everything about the castle and the special collection of Carel Willink. A maximum of 15 people applies per guide. Advance reservations are therefore required. Would you like more information about group or bus trips or do you want to book in advance? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Extra information for group and bus trips

If you come to admire Kasteel Ruurlo with a group, we would appreciate it if you contact us 48 hours before arrival. This can be done via or +31 (0) 575-760324. We can then prepare for the arrival of your group, so that the group can easily enter the museum.

If your group uses a private guide or tour guide, we would like to hear this at least 2 weeks in advance. We can then prevent 2 groups from starting a tour at the same time and hinder each other.

Parking tour buses

Information for bus drivers: you can let your party get off at the parking lot of Stapeldijk 1 in Ruurlo. You can then park the bus at the Everskamp business park. From the Stapeldijk you drive to the Rondweg Zuid, N315 / N319 direction Winterswijk / Borculo / Lochem. At the Volvo dealer, take the 3rd exit at the roundabout to Wissink. You are now at the Everskamp business park and can park the bus on the Vente.